Raw materials



                                 Our olive grove                                                                                                                                          Extra virgin olive oil in the stainless cauldron of saponification.   



It is well known from ancient times the beneficial properties of olive oil for the entire human body. The experience of ordinary consumers, and scientific research have proved this secure.

In the extremely fertile land of Aetoloakarnania produced one of the best olive oils in Greece. With acidity usually below 0.5 % is characterized by specific , gentle taste and high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances.



According to EU directives water used as raw material in the formulation of cosmetics must have an electrical conductivity of less than 4.3 mS / cm. In our products we use ultra pure water produced by us with a conductivity of 0.2 to 0.8 mS / cm.




   In our laboratory we perform extractions of short duration and low temperature , without chemical solvents , of all the aromatic / medicinal plants and flowers , so that the valuable active ingredients of the plant to be transported without damage to the final product , our soap . Non- polar components such as lipids , fatty acids, tocopherols (vitamin E ), carotenoids and essential oils components such as terpenes , alkaloids , etc. and polar components such as flavonoids , polyphenols , organic acids , sugars , tannins , etc.

    We cultivate and collect aromatic / medicinal plants (citrus trees, rosa damascena, punica granatum, laurus nobilis etc.) , but also collaborate with Greek organic farmers and collectors of Aetolia , Thessaly, Kozani , Chalkidiki, Crete, Boeotia, Chios and elsewhere (chamomilla recutita, pistacia lentiscus, mentha piperita etc.) .

Thus, more than 85 % of raw materials are sourced locally .



Matricaria chamomilla                                            Chamomile after extraction




  Calendula officinalis                                                              Calendula after extraction




     Origanum marjoram                                                               Marjoram after extraction




    Cistus incanus/creticus                                                  




    Rosa damascana                                                                           Punica granatum